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Regenerative spaces for psychological reset during COVID-19.


Frontline Strong Relief

Responding to the overwhelming demands on frontline healthcare workers due to COVID-19, we have collaborated with Mount Sinai’s Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance, as well as the Office of Well-Being and Resilience, to rapidly convert underutilized spaces in hospitals into relief hubs for workers to have rest and psychological reset during their day. This effort has grown into a multi-hospital full-time initiative called Frontline Strong Relief.

COVID-19 Surge

Frontline healthcare workers are enduring long hours in highly stressful environments, while a mounting number of patients require critical care. Our environments have an important effect on how our bodies respond to trauma. Research shows that healing environments designed around reducing stress and increasing control result in less need for pain medication, fewer doctor errors, better sleep, and improved outcomes. 

Recharge Rooms

Our Recharge Rooms are immersive biophilic private spaces that include music, scent, lighting, and sound, designed by Studio Elsewhere with research support from the Abilities Research Center to address trauma, anxiety, and stress. These environments have been deployed for elite athletes in the past to assist with emotional regulation and mental focus. The experience is entirely voice-activated and sanitized after each use for infection control purposes. 

Read more and pledge your support at Frontline Strong Relief.

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