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We pioneer
bio-experiential design and technology to support brain health. 


About us

Studio Elsewhere uses evidence-based and data-driven practices to develop virtual and physical interventions that promote brain health. We are pioneers of bio-experiential design - interactive, immersive environmental design using technology and physical design toward a healthier brain-body connection. 


Our embedded emerging technology solutions support the needs of healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and caregivers.

We use software and hardware development, emerging technology, immersive game design, and biophilic design to reimagine the experience of health, wellness, and care. 

Our model allows us to develop a first-of-its-kind technology and design practice that leads with compassion, imagination, and inclusivity.

Our values

Depth. We take on complex challenges that allow us to design and build multi-dimensional interventions.

Cross-pollination. We believe in bringing science, technology, design, and art together at the same table to create impact.

Sustainability. We measure success across a quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit, Purpose.

Diversity. Our team is representative of voices unrepresented. We are building a different, equitable way of working.

Wholeness. We believe that the durable well-being of our team is one of our top markers of success.

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