Our Recharge Rooms are immersive

bio-experiential spaces designed for recovery.


Recharge Rooms

Studio Elsewhere’s Recharge Rooms are immersive biophilic private spaces that include music, scent, lighting, and sound, designed with research support from the Abilities Research Center at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to address trauma, anxiety, and stress and improve cognitive performance. 


This bio-experiential technology has been designed for elite athletes in the past to assist with emotional regulation and mental focus. The experience is entirely voice-activated.


An independent study was done on frontline healthcare workers using our Recharge Rooms during the COVID-19 surge in New York. After a single 15-minute experience in Studio Elsewhere’s Recharge Room, participants experienced an average 60.0% reduction in self-reported stress levels.


Studio Elsewhere’s Recharge Rooms have been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, WiredThe Guardian, The Today Show (NBC), CBS, Popular ScienceCultured Mag, Neo Life, NHKTV (Japan), Advance, Road to Resilience podcast, KNX 1070Travel NursingFacilities Net, and other outlets.


"Upon entering the immersive room, it was apparent that Studio Elsewhere had developed a profoundly special, nurturing space that promotes compassion amid pervasive trauma. Each feature of the room was incredibly thoughtful and intentionally customized. Experiencing the room offered me personal solitude, finding meaning and purpose in my work. Truly, I felt restored and confident I could leave the space to start anew. The space elicits safety, connectedness, and hope, resulting in experiential empowerment that cannot always be fostered with words alone."

Shannon O’Neill, PhD, Psychologist 

Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System

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We are continuing our research, development and piloting of the Recharge Rooms. For more information, connect with us below. We are currently developing a resource guide to be released later this year.

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