A team of designers, technologists, scientists, & artists who reimagine the experience of health, wellness, and care.

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A studio of the future building the future of healthcare experiences

Our people-first approach and commitment to built-in teaching and learning allows our team of expert collaborators to tackle meaningful challenges in revolutionary ways. With their diverse backgrounds and experiences, our team is co-creating a new model for how a supportive workspace can fuel imagination and produce equitable change.

Equity in STEM

Founded by a Latina tech and design innovator, Studio Elsewhere is invested in equitable design practices and the advancement of BIWOC in STEM careers.

Mirelle Phillips

Founder & CEO

Kaitlyn Darby

Director, Design

Mischa Abakumova

Director, Technology

Nai Vasha

Chief Vibes Officer

Jiyoon Moon

Junior Engineer

David Azar

Senior Engineer

Dr. Rose Perry

Head of Applied Research

Torin Blakensmith

Associate Director, Creative Technology

Erik Anderson

Creative Technologist

Yanbo Li

Associate Designer

Anna Marshall

Studio Director

Isaac Sante

Junior Engineer


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